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Which Stone do I specify? Marble? Granite? Limestone? ​Why is my white marble floor turning yellow?
Why are my tiles becoming loose? Why is the cladding falling from our building? How do we restore a Historical Building? Why is my stone falling apart? Do I have the proper specifications? How do I remove stains from a monument? Why has my stone installation failed? Has flooding ruined my floor? How can we reduce Slip / Fall accidents?These are the kinds of questions we are presented with routinely. Stone Forensics brings many collective decades of in-depth expertise in natural stone and tile related issues.We provide stone and tile related examination, evaluation and advisory services including:
​Specification Writing
*Failure analysis *Project review and analysis
*Surveys *Job problem analysis
*Installation inspections *On site testing
​*ASTM testing *Petrographic and other laboratory testing
*Non-destructive testing *Boroscope Examinations
*Infrared Thermography *​Repair Feasibility Studies
*Sample Collection *Owner representation / supervision of installations
*Restoration procedures/recommendations *Insurance claims
*Stain removal testing *Façade inspections
*Training *Historic preservation and conservation
*Expert witness testimony *Slip / Fall testing and prevention programs

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