Stone Forensics

2014 Class

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Stone Troubleshooting Correspondence 


Live Class Announced

June  11-14, 2018 Melbourne, FL


Individual training at your location also available.

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 Stone Forensics is offering another Stone and Tile Troubleshooting correspondence course and a live class

 Stone Forensics  is now offering its popular Stone Inspection Seminar on a self guided, voiced over powerpoint presentation. 
"I have had numerous requests to attend my popular stone inspectors class. The problem is I limit the number of attendees and cant spend an entire week away from your business. For this reason I have packaged the class into a self guided power point presentation that you can view and learn on your own.  This power point presentation covers the entire lecture portion of the class." says  Fred Hueston 
 The advantages of this self guided course is that you can view the slides over and over again.
The course included a bonus of three technical calls to. Fred if you have any questions.
Each slide is explained with a voice over so you can watch as well as listen. The presentation also includes the class manual.
This entire self guided presentation is less than half the price of the live course. For only $995.00. If you plan on attending the live course, a $500 discount off the $1995 admission fee is included.
The marble and stone inspection course covers all aspects of marble and stone such as marble,limestone, granite, terrazzo, slate, onyx and quartzite, engineered stone and their use in flooring and other applications. This includes stone restoration, fabrication, polishing, burnishing and repairing. As well as how to evaluate installations, understand crack propagation, and troubleshoot failures and problem solving. Problems such as effluoresence, subfluoresence and lippage are covered. The use and choice of grout, mastic, epoxy, slip membranes, crack suppressors and support and underlayment systems are included. This course is approved for certification; certification is necessary to becoming a third party inspector or expert witness.

The following is what will be covered in the comprehensive class:

*The Geology of Stone

*Understanding the Structure of Different kinds of stone and materials

*Identification of stone and tile types

*Quarry techniques that affect the final product

*Production of tile and slabs

*Fabrication and installation requirements

*Physical and Chemical Testing

*Stone and Tile Forensic Investigation

*Diagnosis of Problems

*Stone and Tile Restoration

*Repair and replacement

*Stain Removal


*Report writing

*Expert witness testimony

*Slip Resistance

*Laboratory testing

One day will be spent in the field examining failures.

 For further information contact  Fred at 321-514-6845 



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